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German MG34 Machine Gun from World War 2

Special Forces Clan is recruiting.


We currently have 7 members (and a Goat!) and are looking to expand the clan to around 12 members.


So if you are 18 or over and like the idea of joining a clan this is what we offer:


Private slot on the server with password


Teamspeak server slot


Email address 


Training and hints and tips on playing


Everyone has a say in the clan and the way it is run


You must be able to speak English


Thompson Sub Machine Gun aka Tommy Gun


We have members aged between 25 - 50, we are more interested in finding like minded, interesting people, with a good sense of humour, than the best Medal Of Honor player in the world.


You must not cheat, we are all about fun and fair play. We screenshot all Trial members at some point during their Trial period.


Four  of us have been in Medal of Honor clans so we know how to run a Clan and give the members what they want.


From August 2008  membership will be UK 2.00 per month




email us click to mail tell us a bit about yourself and we will get back to you. Please note as we suffer from spammers and other morons you will be sent a confirmation email which you have to reply to, before we can receive your email.



January 2009


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